Fall Guys Review

I was told when the game came out that it was catching like wild fire. I had no clue what this game was going to be about or if I was going to like it. I have to say this game is family friendly, highly addicting, and made for everyone. It reminds me of the old school game show from 2003 called WIPEOUT. This is going to be a game that is going to mentioned by everyone.  

You queue into a game solo with 60 other players and the obstacle courses are randomized depending what stage you have been qualified in. The way you qualify to the next round is by racing and beating everyone else to the finish line. First round asks for about 45 winners and lessens each and every round until.  

The levels have to be the best thing out of the whole game. They had so many different to play from and with each different level it never got boring. Considering it was the beta I am pretty sure they had a lot more levels not unlocked yet but I will be super excited to see what else they are going to have when the full game is available. Along with the levels the soundtrack for this game is simple but really fun to listen too while trying to survive to the next level. I tried to play different music in the background to change it up but it just was not the same.  

Fall Guys really gets intense when it comes to the final round. It is a free for all race to the big prize, The Golden Crown. You are running up a long course with giant balls, spinning fans, and other obstacles that were harder than the others. In this game it helps to know the courses, so practice makes perfect. Every time I didn’t qualify, I always wanted to jump right back in and try again.  

As whole this game has to be one of the most wholesome online multiplayer games, I have played all year. I am excited for this game to finally come out fully and I am going to be putting in some time live and in my spare time! Get your friends together and have some fun on all platforms. Thank you Devolver Digital for allowing to play the Beta and we will see you when the full release comes out on August 4th. 

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