Wow there was a lot in this issue! Spoiler Alert coming up! Be ready!

In the first few pages, our host Edgar gives us a concise use of his wording to let us know about this next story. The Masque of the Red Death is about a masked hero that goes out of his way to fight back against crime. The local crime leader wants to outsmart that masked hero by having a dinner party. This isn’t one of those fun dinner parties per se, this dinner party is filled with some of the worst of the worst in the crime leaders group. He is hoping with a 1,000 of his people attending the event will take care of the masked hero once and for all! While the crime leader is showcasing the venue, the masked hero makes a dramatic entrance. The unveiling of the mask hero gives the crime leader a shocked surprise as he is betrayed. Then the story ends abruptly with our friend Edgar not feeling too alright. He collapses and may go to the other side a bit earlier than scheduled.

The next story, Bon Bon, is about this critic that is in hell for destroying a lot of writers lives.  Nevertheless, the Devil pays him a visit and lets him know he is an entrée for the next event he is having in Hell. He is shown how he got his invitation by destroying the works of Edgar Allan Poe and even tricking his family to sign over his name so he could benefit from royalties. The critic finds out he is a delicious treat not only for our friend Edgar but for others he has destroyed.

A more darker view of the stories from our friend Edgar Allan Poe and the shocking death as well! I was throwing my water bottle at the wall as this was unveiled. I really liked Bon Bon as you watched the Devil trick the critic into revealing his story and what he has done to countless people in the literature. A fantastic read!

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(W) Tom Peyer, Robert Jeschonek

(A) Alan Robinson, Greg Scott

(C) Alan Robinson


“MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH”: The 1% think a pandemic is no threat to them in a ridiculously far-fetched tale by Tom Peyer and artist Alan Robinson. “BON BON”: Poe’s real-life rival Rufus W. Griswold has an ill-advised spat with the Devil. PLUS: Prose fiction, beautifully illustrated in the mighty AHOY manner!


March 31, 2021