Edgar Allan Poe Snifter of Evil Issue 6 Review

Edgar Allan Poe Snifter of Evil Issue 6 Review

In this issue, Death is voted in to serve his country through an outlandish situation. He becomes President of the United States and pretty much serves his country really well. Death sees the bigger picture as he does things that really don’t make sense while he is the leader. He shows the people on his ideals and of course continues to take souls as well. The people still applaud him which makes Death a bit weary of his surroundings.

Later in the issue, Edgar makes some wicked new alcohol that shakes him to the core. A demon comes out of nowhere and takes Edgar on a ride to show him the monstrosities of the internet. Edgar sees all the negative situations that happen when people are given the time of day on the internet. They burn through the hottest stages of Hell while Edgar watches this with the demon.

I enjoyed this issue as it gives a funnier view of what is going on in our country. We are very indecisive and act rationally when confronted with a situation. You just have to laugh hard because I found it easy to believe this could happen. Edgar meeting that demon and learning about the horrors of the internet was fascinating. You are given a view of how exaggeration from people’s point of view for attention gets on everyone’s bad side.

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(W) Paul Constant, Brian Schirmer

(A) Ryan Kelly, John Lucas

(C) Richard Williams


Last issue! Our anthology theme this month is, “Complaining and Whining About How Terribly Public Life is Going!” First, a demon drags Poe through the hellish nightmare landscape we call the Internet, in “Silence – A Fable.” THEN! The American people elect a new President—Death itself, in “Putting the D in DC.” All this plus prose, pix, and possibly, poems!


March 30, 2022