Drop The Spotlight Invades Think Geek Arlington

Drop The Spotlight Invades Think Geek Arlington

When Drop The Spotlight travels to a new city, the team enjoy going to the newest and latest store to browse through the selections. This month in June, the team have traveled to Arlington, TX for the annual ESL Gaming Grand Finals held in Grand Prairie, TX. A few miles away, a store lies just a yonder and yearns for their inner geek to escape.

Think Geek is a store that sells the latest trends in anything geek related and they do have some really cool things including a life size statue of Iron Man in front of the store. As the team enters the store, we were taken back by organization of how everything is put into this store. The crowd came when we walked in and were astonished on all the geek items displayed in the store.

They had a great selection of statues displayed in the store and boy was it hard to get near there. The crowd was there watching and gawking at how cool the collection is with their friends and family. I wasn’t able to get closer to see the statues but from my angle, they looked astonishing. I always enjoy the time it takes a person puts into a statue including the details in the creation.

The collection of shirts displayed in the store was astounding. I was walking around and just wanting to put on every shirt on and take a few selfies with them. The punisher shirt had the team reaching into their wallets and squeezing that credit card out to make sure the collection to mount for their punisher collection.

Many people were able to reach their geek aptitude and find the items they needed for their personal needs. The Funko pop collection provided endless of time just searching and finding some pops that you want to own. The store provided the Star Trek fan some cool items as well as the Harry Potter fan as well.

We were able to interview one of the team members and will be posting the interview soon!

Next time your in THINK GEEK ARLINGTON come and check out the store. Make sure you have some space on your desk, because you will find the items you need for your collection. The team above were very hospitable and provided us with a great shopping experience. Think Geek ArlingtonĀ is very lucky to have a great team at their store and to provide customers a friendly experience.