Drop The Spotlight Brings San Antonio A Cosplay Workshop

Cosplay has been a creative approach for an image of representation to a character a person will portray. The creation for a certain cosplay can take time, effort, money and even more time. When the cosplay is finished and ready to be showcased, the world should know the time and effort needed to build the cosplay .

Drop The Spotlight created an event at Gino’s Deli to highlight that time and effort for a cosplay creation. The event was titled Cosplay Workshop and gave groups discussion of various elements used in cosplay. Here are some of these groups and what they showcased that day.


Countdown City Comic Con is a new comic con in San Antonio that will start in 2018. The focus of the comic con will be more for families to have fun in the pop culture in anything geeky. This is an innovative way for friends and families to come together and enjoy the culture. They were able to bring War Machine and Pikachu to the event for the fans.


When you think of a certain cosplay, you would need to bring your imagination out to create and build that idea that you have. This cosplayer not only built his own cosplays, but brings out his ideas through imagination of how his character should embody. Sir Nick Justice brought his unique style of building cosplay to the Cosplay Workshop and showed the crowd how to build parts for a cosplay.


Steampunk is growing  more popular these days and many people are doing cross promotional cosplays with steam punk references. Today, San Antonio’s own steampunk group, The Zheng Army came and talked to the fans about the history of steampunk. They talked about being about to research the history of a character to bring those elements to life with your cosplay.



We would like to thank Countdown City Comic Con and Gamestop locations Ingram Park Mall and 410 and Blanco Rd for providing prizes for this event! The fans enjoyed the giveaway during the the event and appreciated all your help on making this an awesome event. Thank you again!



Our celebrity actress for the event needed no introduction as she strove to the center of the stage and commanded the attention of the audience. Ammie Leonards is an actress that has been on The Vampire Diaries, Dallas, Nashville and a few other shows as well. She came to the event to talk to cosplayers about building your character’s role through various acting methods. You would have to find the perfect role that will establish the best sequence for your character and build yourself into that role.



Our last group of the evening provided some of the best showmanship for the audience. They talked about their group which is called Sith Shadow Council of Texas and how physical training is needed daily as member to the group. They had live demonstrations outside and invited the audience to come out and try out some cool light sabers.

The event at the end was a huge success for every group that participated and helped showcase cosplay through various elements. Drop The Spotlight would like to thank Countdown City Comic Con, Sir Nick Justice, The Zheng Army, Ammie Leonards, and SSCOT.  We would also like to thank the cosplayers and fans that came out to our record breaking night to enjoy all the fun and activities we provided everyone.