Double Walker Graphic Novel Review

Double Walker Graphic Novel Review

A good horror story needs something that will grapple your brain and hook your imagination nonstop. This graphic novel we just reviewed will haunt your imagination and squeeze your brain to smithereens. We were able to get our hands on the new graphic novel called Double Walker. After a few sips of coffee, I began my journey throughout the pages.

After reading the graphic novel, I stand up on my chair and give the writers, artists and more behind this graphic novel a standing ovation. I was so immersed in this graphic novel! I felt like I was there in the back seat with the police officers as they followed Cully around unraveling more of the story. I felt Cully’s pain of the loss baby but also the confusion on what his wife was doing. I loved the lore that came from ancient Scotland and how the writers incorporate that in the story! Fantastic read!

Here is the review:


  • Scottish Lore
    • Oh I loved how Cully learned more about Scottish lore through the bartender at the local pub. I was excited to learn more about Fae’s in the area and tricks the locals know they would pull. The lore set up the story on how it would relate to a situation in today’s world and society.
  • Story
    • Cully and Gemma have their dream trip to Scotland to check out the sights and sounds. While on a hike, Cully was warned about a legend in that area and wouldn’t be wise to journey there with his pregnant wife. He dismissed the story and continued on the hike. His wife came back different, baby less, and hungry for something human. Fantastic writing from the writers which kept me hooked hard!
  • Art
    • The art was good,  I digged it! The way you are given bits and pieces of what is going on magnified my imagination on what else is in the pages. I felt the art gave the story more meaning as well as amped up the situation as well.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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