Disney Speedstorm Xbox Series S Review

Disney Speedstorm is fun racing game that will have you pitting your favorite characters against each other to see who wins 1st place on the racetrack. There is a big cast of racers from Disney and Pixar movies and TV shows that are showcased in the game. Your able to play as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Sully, Baloo, and many more. When I say more, I mean more! You will be excited on who shows up to be in a race against you!

We were able to get a review copy of Disney Speedstorm to try on our Xbox. I was able to download the game to my Xbox Series S console with quite ease. The game loaded up pretty quick on my Xbox and signed into my Gameloft account as well. Once that was done, I was able to check out the features of the game and start on the chapter stories. The chapter stories helped me learn how to play the game and learn the controls at the same time. This is also was a great introduction for myself to some of the race tracks to the game and they are incredible!

Our thoughts:


  • Customizing Vehicles and Characters
    • Once you pass certain goals in different race tracks, you are able to claim some perks from the game. The perks can be anything such as additional drivers, race flags, clocks, etc. Once you gain certain perks, you can upgrade your characters or vehicles prior to the race. You can upgrade colors and items for your vehicles while upgrading the skills of your driver as well. I unlocked quite a few items while mastering some of those tracks and was able to make my race car pretty neat.
  • Disney Race Tracks
    • The creativity put into these Disney race tracks or “worlds” is just incredible! I was able to race around a pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean and do a pretty good job there. Then there are various tracks from Disney lore such as Monsters Inc, Tiny Toons, etc. The tracks had some cool hidden features such as trails or various secret ways to get ahead of the other racers. After playing a good amount of time, I discovered a lot of hidden features or roads to help my racer be number 1 in the rankings.
  • Smooth Gameplay
    • The game ran very smooth on my Xbox Series S console. The graphics ran very well and looked so sharp on my television screen. While racing, you felt like this was another episode from a popular tv show on the Disney channel. The art and music was quite good that felt like it was straight from Disney tv show itself!  The controls were quite simple to master for your vehicle and ran so smooth. There were times I had to catch myself while racing on the track not to fall off one of the rails because it just felt so natural to grind on there.



Rating: 10 out of 10

Buy Disney Speedstorm for Xbox here: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/disney-speedstorm/9PMR3T9NSF8W/0010