Los Angeles, CA (June 14, 2024) – Puerto rican sensation Dei V reveals all of the flavors on his highly-anticipated album “Quien es Dei V?” today. The 16-track album fuses traditional hip-hop, rap, trap and reggaeton and taps some of music’s heavy-hitters for incredible collaborations including Yovngchimi, Myke Towers, De La Ghetto, Ryan Castro, Chris MJ, Lunay and Bryant Myers.”Quien es Dei V?” is now available on all platforms.

“Quien es Dei V?” Tracklist:
1. David
2. Ticke ft. Yovngchimi
4. Hot ft. Lunay
5. X2
6. Mueve El QLO
7. PPV ft. De La Ghetto
8. Rapido ft. Chris MJ
9. Bellac@ ft. Ryan Castro
10. Real
11. Martini
12. Clima
13. Quien es Dei V?
14. Narcotics ft. Bryant Myers
15. Trending Remix ft. Myke Towers
16. Flavor Spicy

Leading the charge for the next generation of Latin superstars, Dei V has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound, original lyrics and effortless style. On his album, he demonstrates his ability to flow effortlessly through genres, exploring different rhythms and creating original sounds that clearly cement his undeniable talent.

On “David,” Dei V embraces his roots and confronts the challenges of pursuing success while staying true to oneself. Through infectious beats and evocative lyricism, the hip-hop powerhouse showcases his unapologetic drive and unwavering dedication as he navigates the concrete jungle of life. “David” confronts societal expectations and challenges the notion of conventional success to emphasize the importance of family and authenticity above all else. With a deeply personal narrative, the track lays out a compelling story that delves into the complexities of ambition, family ties and self-discovery, delivering a poignant and introspective track that resonates with authenticity and raw emotion.

Joining forces with Yovngchimi for “Ticke,” the song offers a vivid portrayal of urban life, seamlessly blending rap’s gritty storytelling with reggaeton’s vibrant rhythms. In a world where success is measured by the size of one’s wallet and the strength of one’s crew, the track explores themes of extravagance, loyalty and street survival. Dei V’s confident delivery and Yovngchimi‘s melodic hooks create a captivating synergy, serving as a testament to the power of collaboration and the universal appeal of urban storytelling.

Dei V recruits his idol and Puerto Rican icon De La Ghetto for “PPV.” The collaboration dives into a modern romance against the backdrop of a high energy, hip-hop rap landscape, delving into the allure and desire for a deeper connection. Portraying a sense of intimacy and fantasy, Dei V and De La Ghetto perfectly evoke aspirations to lavish one’s partner and convey the irresistible allure of a blossoming romance with a woman who embodies perfection. While weaving in ideas of destiny and fate, “PPV” offers an upbeat and nuanced exploration of love and longing in the digital age to create an enthralling listening experience.

Previously released hits from the album including “Quien es Dei V?,” “Narcotics” and “Martini” have amassed over 150m+ streams and more than 121 million views on YouTube. Additionally, his most recent drop “Clima” quickly reached the number two spot on Apple Music’s Top 25: San Juan chart, also becoming the second most trending video in Puerto Rico. These past successes not only cement his position as a powerful force in the industry but set the stage for even greater recognition with the release of the full LP.

Flowing effortlessly through genres has led him to collaborate with some of the most prominent names in Latin music, including Karol G, Myke Towers, Bryant Myers, MORA, Anuel AA, Jay Wheeler, Yovngchimi, Omar Courtz, and more. As the composer of his own work, his ability to draw inspiration from his experiences has resulted in countless songs that continue to garner significant success and recognition.

In August of 2023, his participation on “Pacto (remix)” alongside Jay Wheeler, Anuel AA and Bryant Myers landed him on the Billboard Charts, Hot Latin Charts, for the first time. His epic collaboration with Karol G also landed him on the Hot Latin Charts and Spotify Top 200, garnering over 100m streams. In addition, his collaboration with MORA on “Diamonds” also ranked on the Spotify Top 200 and he currently has five songs on Spotify Spain’s Top 50. Plus, he is currently trekking the globe on his “Quien es Dei V?” tour, gearing up for his summer leg in Spain to further solidify his status as a force to be reckoned with in the music space.