Day Zero Review

Day Zero a zombie outbreak starts and one man must find his way back to his family at all cost. Directed by Joey De Guzman and starring Brandon Vera, Pepe Herrera, and Mary Jean Lastimosa. Emon is an ex-special forces soldier who finds himself locked up. As the outbreak hits he and his only friend in prison must break out and surive the infested prison. Together they must work together to stay alive and find out what has become of their families.

Emon wife and daughter who if deaf were separated in the rush to leave the apartment building. They have no idea Emon is trying to make it to them. Just it will not be easy at all as the whole city is overrun by infected. He makes his way to them and finds the place filled with infected and his home empty and blood on the floor.

A very well-done outbreak zombie film with some very well-done zombie makeup. The style of the infected reminded me of the 28 Days Later zombies. Which are some of the scariest versions of them deadly and fast. I give this one an 8 out of 10 for great story tons of action and some menacing zombies. I do wish it was a bit more gory for me. This one is a must-watch to see how the story unfolds and does he find them.