Dark Netflix Series Review

I had see people online talk about how awesome this show on Netflix. I didn’t really pay attention to my friends and family online that would talk about this show. Then, I made the plunge to binge and watch this show a week ago on the evenings at home. I should have listened to my friends and family out watching this show months ago! This show is so unique that it actually makes sense for people who have many discussions on Time Travel.

Jonas is the main character who is living his life in a small town called Winden. He experienced a bad situation as his father had committed suicide which brought his life into turmoil. Then a disappearance of a classmate and then his friends little brother near the caves brought out horrors that they couldn’t imagine. A priest named Noah shows up and is directing decisions where Jonas becomes center of attention in the show. Then comes a cycle of various years of time travel into 33 years into the past, 33 years into the present and 33 years into the future. I wrote down a small review below and tried not to post spoilers about this show. You need to sit down and watch this show NOW! You will be astonished on how clever, well written and well produced this show is!


  • Story
    • The story from the show slowly builds a concept that many not dare compare or try. The story of the movie was just so perfect as each episode and action by the characters influenced future episodes. You watched as the decisions made by Jonas or Martha brought something different in the shows. I have no words other than THANK YOU to the creators, showrunners, writers, producers and all that are involved in this series! Wow!
  • Cast
    • Characters of a show or movie are built upon the actor or actress that showcases them. The casting director did a wonderful job finding those perfect actors and actresses to portray the characters. I was stunned as you feel their emotions expressed throughout each episode!
  • Time Travel
    • Many movies and shows try to showcase what would happen when people time travel. The consequences of a choice motivates how you shape your future. This show actually does it right through the various cycles and worlds where it influences their decisions. I would ponder after each episode and try to figure out how they were able to work it out those various situations. Great story by the writers of the show!


  • Nothing

Rating: 10 out of 10

I have to say is this.. go watch this show! I love fantasy, time traveling and shows that showcase a different face of realism. This show brings out various situations with Time Travel from a cast of characters including Jonas, Martha, Claudia and more. I have to say I was pleasantly pleased on this show as a whole!

Watch Dark here: https://www.netflix.com/title/80100172