Dark Horse Direct Debuts Hellboy 30th Anniversary Commemorative Hand-Numbered Screen Prints

Dark Horse Direct Debuts Hellboy 30th Anniversary Commemorative Hand-Numbered Screen Prints

(June 13, 2024) This year marks the 30th anniversary of Mike Mignola’s legendary Hellboy Universe, and Dark Horse Direct is celebrating all year with a series of screen print reproductions showcasing the art and story of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator. The first screen prints will reproduce Mignola’s Seed of Destruction #1 and a 1994 Wake the Devil promotional comic ad and are available for pre-order now.

The first print in this commemorative series will be the gorgeous, 10-color Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Seed of Destruction #1 Screenprint. This is an exact replica of the original cover that started it all, featuring Mignola’s original art and character. Of course, this reproduction wouldn’t be complete without the special appearance of Arthur Adams’ Monkeyman and O’Brien!

With the second print, fans can jump back in time with this elegant, black-and-white Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Wake the Devil 1994 Comic Ad Screenprint. A humorous single-page comic advertising the soon-to-be Wake the Devil series, it serves as the perfect callback to the early days of Hellboy when we were just discovering who he was and his intended purpose in our world.

“For 30 years, Mike has gifted readers with masterful storytelling, unmatched in his ability to convey atmosphere and mood, and to create (or end) worlds through a drip-perfect alchemy of art and story,” says Eric Garza, the designer and content curator who is partnering with Dark Horse to celebrate Hellboy’s 30th Anniversary. “Since the very first issue, HELLBOY has seamlessly blended elements of horror, pulp adventure, gothic romance, mythology, folklore, and so much more – and often at the same time. However, what undoubtedly sinks its hooks into you first is Mike’s artwork. It is a style without compromise, unmistakably and singularly his own.”

Both prints are 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall on 100# Cougar uncoated paper and are expected to ship in August or September, 2024. These hand-numbered prints are true collectors’ pieces for devoted fans of the Hellboy saga. The 10-color Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Seed of Destruction #1 Screenprint is $75.00 and limited to 500 units, and the black-and-white Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Wake the Devil Comic Ad Screenprint is $60.00 and limited to 250 units. Fans can pre-order both screen prints now exclusively from Dark Horse Direct.

About Dark Horse

Founded in 1986 as an offshoot of his comics retail chain, Mike Richardson launched Dark Horse Comics with the goal of creating a welcoming environment for comics professionals. The company strives to be an example of how integrity and innovation can broaden a unique storytelling medium and transform a company with humble beginnings into an industry giant. Dark Horse has published modern masters such as Yoshitaka Amano, Margaret Atwood, Brian Michael Bendis, Paul Chadwick, Geof Darrow, Colleen Doran, Janet Evanovich, Neil Gaiman, Dave Gibbons, Faith Erin Hicks, Kazuo Koike, Matt Kindt, Jeff Lemire, Kentaro Miura, Moebius, Chuck Palahniuk, Eric Powell, Stan Sakai, and Gerard Way, as well as Hall of Fame legends Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Richard Corben. The company also set the industry standard for quality licensed comics, graphic novels, collectibles, and art books, based on properties such as Star Wars, Stranger Things, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Dragon Age, James Cameron’s Avatar, Game of Thrones, Mass Effect, The Witcher, and Halo. Dark Horse established an entertainment division in 1989, finding immediate success with company-owned projects The Mask and TimeCop. Current hits from Dark Horse Entertainment include The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and Resident Alien on SyFy. Additionally, Dark Horse has a long tradition of establishing new creative talent throughout all of its divisions.

In 2022, Dark Horse Media, LLC was established as the parent company of all three divisions, and became part of Embracer Group AB, forming the tenth operative group, strengthening the company’s transmedia capabilities.

About Mike Mignola
Mike Mignola’s fascination with ghosts and monsters began at an early age; reading Dracula at age twelve introduced him to Victorian literature and folklore, from which he has never recovered. Starting in 1982 as a bad inker for Marvel Comics, he swiftly evolved into a not-so-bad artist. By the late 1980s, he had begun to develop his own unique graphic style, with mainstream projects like Cosmic Odyssey and Batman:Gotham by Gaslight. In 1994, he published the first Hellboy series through Dark Horse.There are thirteen Hellboy graphic novels (with more on the way), several spin-off titles (B.P.R.D., Lobster Johnson, Abe Sapien, and Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder), prose books,animated films, and two live-action films starring Ron Perlman. Along the way he worked on Francis Ford Coppola’s film Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), was a production designer for Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001), and was the visual consultant to director Guillermo del Toro on Blade II (2002), Hellboy (2004), and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008). Mike’s books have earned numerous awards and are published in a great many countries. Mike lives in Southern California with his wife, daughter, and cat.