Crawligator Product Review

Crawligator Product Review

Kiddy Crawler has a product that is not only a fun way to watch your child learn to crawl but also build their motor skills. Their product is called Crawligator which is a healthy way for your young baby to build motor skills properly. This will lead for your young baby to learn to crawl efficiently and safely. This will also start the beginning stones for your young baby to start thinking of learning to walk as well. We were able to get ahold of this product and try this out on our young 9 month old baby.

Here is our review: 


  • Fits Him:
    • This is the perfect size for my child! I was quite nervous if my child was either too small or even too big but with the curve from the product; it was a perfect fit. This curve made it easier for child pick up as well as I wasn’t concerned of grabbing not only my child but the device as well.
  • Safe:
    • This product is very safe! The way the Crawligator is built gives you an idea of how safe it is. The curve in the product makes sure my child is safe in there and won’t overturn it even when they are acting up. You know how sometimes babies are just babies, they want to have fun. This product is built in a way where you don’t have to worry too much of your child on there.
  • Pediatric Physical Therapist recommended:
    • This is a major one for my family as we have a history of not being able to fully grasping motor skills until later on in life. This product is recommended by the Pediatric Physical Therapists who say this is a product for young babies to learn to crawl. I am more aware now of what this product can do for young babies and help build motor skills faster than ever before.


  • More Colors:
    • My family and I loved the green Crawligator we were able to use. My child loved using it but one small concern for me was additional colors. I would love to purchase more Crawligators but I want to have different color variations of the product.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Crawligator is an amazing product for parents to help their baby learn to crawl and eventually walk efficiently. This product is safe, recommended by Pediatric Physical Therapist, and is one size fits all. I enjoyed having the green color but would love to have various colors so my child can learn about colors as well. Either way, this product is a must have for young parents that would like their child to crawl efficiently and safe.

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