Country Music Artist Hannah Anders Releases a New Power House Hit Single “While I Still Got Time”

Country Music Artist Hannah Anders Releases a New Power House Hit Single “While I Still Got Time”

Hannah Anders is set to release a new single titled “While I Still Got Time” on 6.28.24. This single is an empowering anthem that reminds women everywhere that they can do anything they set their mind to. You can find the single when it releases here, and connect with Anders on Instagram, Facebook, or her website.

In “While I Still Got Time,” Anders moves listeners with her powerful vocals, storytelling lyrics, and beautiful production. “Got my ticket on this one-way ride. No one’s getting out of this alive. Gonna push my luck before I cross that line. While I still got time”. Hannah refuses to let anyone get in the way of following her dreams. She exudes perseverance and strength in these lyrics. 

Listen here:

Hannah never fails to set the bar higher for women in country music, bridging the gap between the old and the new.” This new single serves as a perfect example of Hannah exceeding all expectations. “While I Still Got Time” sends chills all over our body from the first few notes.

“Gonna push my luck before I cross that line, while I still got time.” This song inspires women who feel like they aren’t enough. Pushing your luck and going for it is Hannah’s message to us all. She reminds us to be fearless, bold, and to never be scared to cross that line, no matter our age, looks, or  Everything will be worth it in the end. 

Hannah Anders has been a mainstay in the country world, distinguishing herself as a standout vocalist and a prolific songwriter whose talents have drawn attention from top-tier entities such as The Academy of Country Music, Music Row Magazine, Guitar Girl Magazine, and more. Recognized as a compelling force in the music scene, Anders combines authentic country roots with a vibrant rock edge to create a sound that resonates deeply with audiences.

Her journey in music started in Nashville, where she quickly found her niche among a myriad of talented artists. Passionate about live performance, Hannah has graced the stages of prominent festivals and venues across the United States, including CMAFest, Summer Fest, and Country Thunder. Each performance showcases her dynamic stage presence and innate ability to connect with her audience, traits that have become hallmarks of her shows.

In 2022, Anders broadened her musical outreach by embarking on a European tour, where she has been a regular performer throughout her career. She consistently sells out venues overseas, captivating fans with her energetic shows that highlight her versatility as a performer, whether she’s leading a band or captivating a crowd with an acoustic set. These international tours have solidified her status as a global ambassador for contemporary country music.

Anders continues to expand her musical ventures. She also leads Kerosene, a well-received Miranda Lambert tribute, allowing her to celebrate one of her musical inspirations while also showcasing her original songs. This project reflects her ability to explore various facets of her musical identity and connect with audiences in diverse and entertaining ways.

Anders’ prowess as a songwriter is evident in her accolades and achievements. Her hit single “Turn It Up” won the Los Angeles Akademia Award for Best Country/Rock Song and dominated the top spot on Australia’s Power FM Station for an entire month. This song’s success brought a Song of the Year nomination from LOZ Radio and highlighted her skill in crafting engaging memorable music. Her talents also caught the attention of the Dodge Ram Truck Company, which commissioned her to write the theme song for their Nashville giveaway campaign, showcasing her ability to merge lyrical creativity with commercial appeal.

Anders has also opened for and shared the stage with prominent artists like Locash, Billy Currington, and Keith Anderson, experiences that have enriched her career and broadened her artistic perspectives. These opportunities to perform alongside established artists have not only provided valuable learning experiences but also exposed her to a wider audience.

As Anders continues to tour and evolve as an artist, both in the U.S. and internationally, she remains dedicated to refining her craft and pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression. With a compelling mix of country storytelling and rock energy, Hannah is not just participating in the music scene; she’s actively shaping its future, one powerful performance at a time.


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