Comixology Originals Presents Raise Hell, a Coming-of-Age Horror Comedy Illustrated by GLAAD Award-nominated Cartoonist Ray Nadine and Written by Jordan Alsaqa

Comixology Originals Presents Raise Hell, a Coming-of-Age Horror Comedy Illustrated by GLAAD Award-nominated Cartoonist Ray Nadine and Written by Jordan Alsaqa

May 9, 2024—New York, NY— This May, Amazon’s Comixology Originals exclusive digital content line is releasing Raise Hell!, a coming-of-age horror comedy illustrated by GLAAD Award nominated cartoonist Ray Nadine (Light Carries On, Messenger, Station Six) and written by Jordan Alsaqa (Cooking with Monsters, Our Sins are Scarlet). In this supernatural 6-issue monthly series set in the mid-2000s, a few bored teens summon a demonic familiar. Raise Hell! issue #1 makes its appearance on May 14, 2024.


Raise Hell! is a love letter to our own teen years,” says Alsaqa. “When Ray and I met, we bonded over our mutual love of Ska, horror, and the anime of the mid-2000s. It’s a time period we’re nostalgic for, so many of our story ideas come from recalling our favorite childhood memories and injecting the supernatural and demonic into them.”


Bored best friends Victor, Reeves, and Miri decide to end their summer vacation with a bang. Their goal? To call forth their own personal demon and bind it to their souls. Really, what better way is there to end summer vacation in style than a blood sacrifice between friends?


Unfortunately, the friends are tight on cash and buy a do-it-yourself summoning kit from a sketchy local mall kiosk. As the new school year starts, Alistair the Malicious proves to be more of a headache than they ever could’ve prepared for–making trouble for staff and students alike. The three find their junior year full of lazy imps, popular witches, mystic janitors, and all manners of supernatural hijinks and otherworldly dangers. As the trio of teens find their friendship tested, Alistair can’t help but start to feel for the kids he’s been soul-bound to. It’d all be heart-warming, if not for the potentially world-ending demonic possession his meddling leads to.


Raise Hell! is about the confusing emotions, messy relationships, and strange adventures that come with the last few years of high school. Also, demons. So many, many demons.


About the Writer: Jordan Alsaqa is a Palestinian-American comic writer based in Seattle. Jordan has crowdfunded numerous comics through Kickstarter, including Terminal Protocol, Finding Peace, and We Have to Go Back. Jordan has written a wide variety of projects, including Bullet Adventures for Altruist Comics and Apex Legends: The Official Cookbook for Insight Editions. He is currently writing Cooking with Monsters, a YA fantasy series co-created with artist Vivian Truong, for IDW, and has several additional unannounced projects in development.


About the Artist: Ray Nadine was born and raised in central Illinois and began drawing as soon as they could hold a pencil. They have been making comics since 2013, telling stories of identity, interpersonal relationships, and mental illness. Their quiet narratives emphasize the minutiae of life, giving meaning to the mundane and balance out themes of trauma, grief, and toxic relationships with radical empathy, queer joy, and healing. Their second graphic novel, I Felt Myself Slipping, published by Oni Press, will be on shelves this fall and their first graphic novel, Light Carries On, published by Dark Horse, is in local comic shops now. Some of their past work includes artwork for Messenger with Paul Tobin, published by Webtoon. Ray has made a bunch of mini-comics and zines over the years too. Ray currently lives in Chicago and enjoys a fun drink from time to time. Trying new drinks is their favorite hobby!


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