Catwoman: Hunted Blu Ray Review

Catwoman: Hunted is out now for Blu Ray and Streaming! We were able to get a copy of the new animated movie from DC Animation. We were able to do a short review below but we didn’t want to spoil much! Catwoman: Hunted provided a ton of action, drama, and surprises throughout the movie. We were shocked when we saw some old DC foes emerge in the fight against Catwoman. Fans from DC will enjoy this new movie!

As for now, here is a short review of the movie:


  • Story
    • The movie starts off as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman attends a very fancy gala where she finds the Cat’s Eye Gem. While she makes her dramatic escape, Batwoman puts the stop on that and takes her on a plane ride. Catwoman is given an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, if she is able to become a distraction to some crime bosses. While she happily accepts, she doesn’t realize what she signed up to do. We are met with old foes while being surprised of an enemy we haven’t seen on DC for a while!
  • Batwoman
    • I enjoyed having Batwoman their with Catwoman as they took some ninjas, demons and some old DC foes. I enjoyed the chemistry they both have with each other, even with Catwoman trying to seduce Batwoman to gain some of her tech. She did an amazing job as a partner and felt she helped Catwoman throughout her ordeal.
  • Fight Scenes
    • Man the fight scenes were epic here! You can see DC animation cross into a bit of anime with some of these fight scenes. The flavorful use of colors for the fight scenes create a sense of urgency for Catwoman and Batwoman. They were against all odds when they fought with some many different type of enemies. I enjoyed the fight scenes that showcased some epic battles including against some DC foes.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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