Captain Ginger Season 2 #6 Comic Book Review

Captain Ginger Season 2 #6 Comic Book Review

Wow just Wow! I have no words after reading that ending for the season 2 of Captain Ginger. The ending showcased a decision that the Captain had to make in order for the survival for both the cats and dogs. I don’t question his decision but I felt his emotion when he made that decision. He knew it would transform his team to be better as well as hopefully unite the dogs and cats in this situation.

The number 6 comic started out as the Captain at the ship with some of his crew as they were able to get scanners on. They detected the Lumin ship and it was doing something horrible to the planet. The Captain contacted his crew with the dogs and tried to get them in a safe place. The dogs still felt they couldn’t trust the Captain after a few failures. With the Lumin looming, the Captain made his decision and essentially saved everyone. He did felt like he may have abandoned everyone but it was a hard decision to make.

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(W) Stuart Moore

(A) June Brigman, Roy Richardson

(C) June Brigman, Roy Richardson


The grand finale! As the Lumen make their final assault on Dogworld, Captain Ginger faces an impossible choice! Can the cats and dogs make peace against a common enemy, or will they fight like…well, you know? Also featuring bonus prose stories and illustrations.


September 2, 2020