Blinders Movie Review

Blinders Movie Review

Blinders directed by Tyler Savage a story of a man looking to start over after a bad break up. Packing up from Texas and heading to California to find a fresh start. No friends only his dog Juicebox he heads out for a drink. Overhearing a young woman telling off her friend Andy opens up a conversation. One that would change his life in a mixed way one hand for the good and the other for the worst.

Hitting it off with Sam she asks if he would like to head out, Andy tells her, yes and she calls a ride. This will be a ride to remember a normal rideshare driver he thinks nothing of it. Arriving at Sam’s place things go good with them but she has rules for him to stay. The next morning Andy is out early and while out getting a coffee with his dog he bumps into the rideshare driver. They talk and Roger asks for his number to hang out Andy agrees.

Roger starts to call and invite Andy for a drink they meet up and talk Andy is upset about a call to his best friend back home. He gets blown off by his friend and made to feel like he was wasting his time calling him. Telling Roger they talk about it and Roger stats telling him some odd things bout being real and loyal. Ending the night Roger tells him they have to meet up again.

Sam comes back into the picture and Andy starts to dodge and blow off Roger making him very upset. While things are going well with Sam a plot to make Andy live hell is starting from Roger. Taking things to a harsh extreme Roger looks like a hurt teenage girl in his revenge to make Andy suffer. Trying to right the wrong with Roger’s things get worst. Upping the game roger goes for blood in hurting Andy.

Some of the actions are past the point of obsession and a deep dive into his past and current job.  Not telling Sam how bad things are and about to get. Roger and Sam’s path are going to cross in a bad way in Andy’s eyes. Capturing them both in a very twisted turn things all along was never what they seem. Bring the film to a shocking ending you will have to see to believe.

A very well done film with some very sick and twisted things that Andy will have to endure. A game of a sick person that has a deadly outcome and played for the pure joy of hurting people. The use of one’s own technology against oneself to destroy one own life without a clue is terrifying. Makes one think of how easy it could be any one of us in Andy’s shoes.