Blind War Blu Ray Review

Blind War Blu Ray Review

Blind War showcases the story of the former SWAT captain, permanently injured during a failed mission for which he took responsibility. After gradually getting out of the haze, his old enemy reappeared and threatened his daughter.  Directed by Huo Suiqiang (Demon Sealer Bureau)​, BLIND WAR stars Andy On (Special I.D.Ride On100 Yards)​, Li Zixiong, Yang Xing (Qimen Dark Blade), Wang Hanyangm (Martial Universe 2: Nine Talisman Tower), Qi Shenghan, Zhang Yaqi (The Legend of Enveloped Demons), Wu Jingxuan, Cheng Sihan, and Zhou Hongbo.

We were able to get a review copy of the blu ray release of Blind War! Once we unboxed the blu ray copy, we put the the movie on our blu ray player to watch on our 4K TV. The picture and sound quality was superb throughout the viewing of Blind War. This made the action scenes so in-depth as you felt you were there dodging bullets or escaping bombed out areas. The story is unique and well written for the movie. I enjoyed that part because you felt engulfed into the movie Blind War. I enjoyed the movie quite well on my first viewing as you know there will be a second viewing!


Our Thoughts


  • Story
    • The story is so original! I enjoyed how emotional he was as he had to relearn everything due to his permanent blindness. Once his daughter gets abducted into human trafficking, he founds ways to go out and get her back. The story goes deep as he learns about the criminal organization doing the trafficking and why they were. I was surprised on how powerful his love for his daughter, as blind, he found ways to eventually get to her.
  • Action
    • The action is deep in Blind War! I enjoyed the scenes where he had to utilize his hearing as well as touch to fight off the enemies throughout the movie. The team for Blind War did an excellent job making sure as a viewer you were astonished on what he could do with his senses. The action was superb!



Rating: 9 out of 10

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