Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Review

Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Review

I remember being scared stiff after watching Black Summer a few years ago by recommendations from friends on Twitter. I was excited that there was a second season announced and couldn’t wait to see what will come from it. Finally, after it felt like a lifetime, Season 2 finally dropped on Netflix.

The whole season was already out yet it took me about 2 weeks to watch all 8 episodes. In season 2, we watch as Rose and her daughter fight there way to the landing strip where an airplane is at. They kill and stab people in the back in order to get there. I never felt so underwhelmed for a season of a show that I had been waiting patiently for. I did a quick review below but the show didn’t deliver of what made Season 1 so magnificent.

here is the review:


  • White Horse
    • The best episode of season 2! You learn about Spears past by a person that was there and watch how they interact though out the episode. The character, Braithwaite, was a breath of fresh air for the season and actually made it enjoyable.


  • Rose
    • This season, they had Rose as the lead of the show for the whole season. As her role, I felt didn’t live up to the standards from past characters of season 1 and didn’t see her as a leader. She was vicious this season but felt it was not needed.
  • Time Jump
    • There were various time jumps throughout the season that got so confusing. There are parts that were not explained such as what ever happened to the man that was with Sun that was captured and what not. The time jumps just made it so boring.
  • Camera motion
    • In this season, the camera I guess was strapped to the leg or shoulder of some of the cast members and the camera endured painfully as we did too. I was so nauseated by those scenes I was glued to my phone as I didn’t want to get motion sickness.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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