BitSummit Drift 2024 Unveils Exciting Line-Up for Stage Event

BitSummit Drift 2024 Unveils Exciting Line-Up for Stage Event

KYOTO, JAPAN — July 5th, 2024 — BitSummit, Japan’s longest-running indie games festival, unveils the lineup for this year’s stage events at BitSummit Drift. This year’s event, spanning three days from Friday, July 19 to Sunday, July 21, 2024, will feature music performances, talk panels, and live interviews with renowned industry veterans from Japan and around the world.

This year’s BitSummit stage promises an array of captivating sessions, including a highly anticipated talk panel featuring Ryoya Usuhane, the 2023 Grand Prize winner of the “Kami Game Creator Evolution” contest. He will be joined by industry legends Shuhei Yoshida, head of the Indie Initiative at Sony, and Takashi Tokita, producer at Square Enix and professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, to delve into the appeal of award-winning indie games.

Special musical performances are set to electrify the BitSummit audience on-site and offline, starting with Professor Sakamoto, the pitch-perfect electronic maestro best known for his renditions of classic, retro game music. Sakamoto’s return as the opening act promises to set the tone for the three-day weekend of festivities. Also performing this year are Family Continue, a dynamic duo celebrated for their retro game-themed music and energetic rap. Their unique “Chip-Hop” style, blending 8-bit sounds with Famicom-inspired rap, has garnered a dedicated following and promises an unforgettable experience for fans.

In addition to these highlights, attendees can look forward to a variety of other exciting stage events throughout BitSummit Drift. Hosting the stage with their signature enthusiasm, returning MCs Aoi Yokomachi and J-mon will ensure an energized and entertaining showcase. For those unable to attend in person, all stage events will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch, offering global access to the festival’s vibrant energy.

For more information on BitSummit Drift, the festival schedule, and on purchasing tickets, please visit the BitSummit official website, BitSummit Facebook page, and follow @BitSummit on Twitter.

About BitSummit

Since its inception in 2012, BitSummit has been a cornerstone event for indie game developers in Japan, fostering a community that celebrates creativity and innovation. Organized by the Japan Independent Games Aggregate (JIGA), comprising Q-Games Ltd., Skeleton Crew Studios, Pygmy Studio Co. Ltd., and BlackSheep, BitSummit has garnered international acclaim and continues to grow, drawing thousands of visitors and extensive media coverage.

BitSummit Drift is set to be an unforgettable celebration of indie gaming. Join us in Kyoto or online!


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