Billionaire Island Issue 4 Review

Billionaire Island Issue 4 Review

We get straight to point in the latest edition of Billionaire Island with the fate of Trent! Business Dog makes his decision on Trent’s life but something unexpected happens. Business Dog becomes ill and the rest of the billionaires are very worried of the circumstance. They believe they found a way to silence Trent, but it may cause more trouble than expected.

Shelly and the crazy Falco have somewhat of a plan to escape the island. We see more of Falco’s past emerge in this latest issue. I’m amazed by the wealth he has on this island and the sheer influence he once had prior to him breaking into multiple pieces. He did reveal some news to Shelly about the construction of the island and how some things were left undone.

I enjoyed this issue as a lot of decisions were being made on the whim by the characters. I did like the talk with Mr Canto about options that were laid out to him. I feel he was thinking more of a way to save money for the billionaires than doing the right thing.

Fantastic story with amazing art detail! Get your copy now!

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(W) Mark Russell

(A) Steve Pugh

Cover: Steve Pugh