Bill & Ted Face The Music Review

Bill & Ted Face the Music starring Alex Winter as Bill and Keanu Reeves as Ted pick up years later. Now with daughters and still trying to write the song to unite the world. Song after song not getting the job doing and a new problem lingering Bill and Ted are at zero hour to get it done. The Great leader sends for them and given a set time to have it done.

Facing the music is much more than just the title of this film. Bill and Ted must dig deep to save the world as well as their marriages. Focusing on the song their life has passed them by and put a strain of there wives. The idea comes to go into the future to get the song from themselves the set off on their nest excellent adventure. Only to find out their wives are going to leave them to find lives where they are happy with Bill and Ted.

Trying to get the song and save their lives and the world they see many different lives that are not so excellent. Kelly (Kristen Schaal) comes back to warn them that the Great Leader has sent a robot to kill them. She meets Thea (Samara Weaving) and Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine) they are ready to help their dads Kelly shows them how to use the time machine and there off to get the greatest band ever to back bill and Ted.

Things do go as planned for all of them but as a team working together things start to fall in place. Seeing the bigger picture and understanding what all the other Bill and Teds taught them with there daughters by their side everything comes to light.

A fan of Bill and Ted since 1989 seeing the first film as a 9-year-old kid seeing the sequel also a few years later. Fast forward 29 years later we are given Face the Music on can only feel like a kid again. The day it was announced this film was going to happen and it was not going to be a remake but a continuation in the story. I was ready for this day to see how they would pull it off and boy did they.

Going back to the SDCC panel with Kevin Smith saying this is a movie we need now. He was spot on with the world a mess and Covid-19 with a chokehold on things. A film that is uplifting and wholesome giving us a break from what is. A much-needed breath of fresh air and a moment to enjoy a great film with your family or oneself. I was concerned it may be pushed back till 2021 thankfully the studio will release it on VOD as well in theaters. Giving everyone the chance to experience it as you please. Bill and Ted Face the Music is a must watch and there so much more to this film that I will not spoil. BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC will be released on demand and in theaters on August 28, 2020