Beatrix Rose: Vigilante Comic Book Issue 1 Review

Mark Dawson’s Beatrix Rose: A Vigilante. A woman who had everything taken from her, fighting alongside the Triad. With nothing to lose she continues her journey as a “Ghost”. What does the future hold for Beatrix?



  • The cover itself is just fantastic. I love how the colors focus on the details of her facial expressions, setting, and fighting suit/weapon(s).
  • The Background and light/color setting that was used for the killing scene at the pool page 6/7 is my top favorite scene. Bea has no mercy and it showed.
  • When Beatrix meets “Yaomo” for the first time at the club/bar, it felt tense and got really into the moment. With no consideration for others safety to keep on fighting was awesome.


  • I think a few more scenes of the fight between Bea and Demon would’ve done well. In my opinion, ‘Demon’ got stabbed in what seemed like a few seconds into the fight and I wanted more of the fight.
  • The only real CON is that I don’t have Vol. #2 in my hands. I WANT MORE… please and thank you.


Rating: 9.0/10.0

The perfect rating is 10 so you find a rating where you feel would be good for that review.


The contrast of the colors and the comic’s details really took me into the story. I really enjoyed it from my point of view. The fight scene between Bea and Demon was perfect but left me just wanting more. Can’t wait for the next volume to be released. Beatrix lost everything that meant the world to her and still goes on kicking ass. Where will this assignment take her next? a.c.

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Aisha Nicole Casas

S. Sinner