Balls Trimmer 2.0 Product Review

Balls Trimmer 2.0 Product Review

We take our balls very seriously! Our hygiene is one of biggest things we make sure we take care of daily. Our team travels all the time to an event, convention, or out of state. We have to look and smell good when we are in front of camera. Behind the scenes, we do need to find a way to tame a wild beast. We got the call from Balls company that they had a solution for our wild beast problem. They have a new product called the Balls Trimmer 2.0 that can trim even the mightiest wild beasts.

So, we were able to get a sample of the Balls Trimmer 2.0 and Body Wash to review. I was able to use this the during my daily shower and got my trim on. I recorded the results below and lets see how it tests against wild brush of my body!


Here is our review:


  • Balls Trimmer Light
    • The Balls Trimmer 2.0 is a pretty nifty device! The Balls Trimmer 2.0 is small and slim just like me haha. Jokes aside, the Balls Trimmer is thin to be easily gripped while in the wet water of the shower. I didn’t feel like it was going to slip at all out of my hand. The Balls Trimmer also came with a built in light as well. This is very useful to make sure I’m trimming the parts that need to be trimmed!
  • Waterproof
    • This the best part of this trimmer in my opinion! When you deal with water and electricity, it can be a scary situation. So when I read it was waterproof, I took it for the test. (No, I’m not a scaredy cat) While in the shower, I trimmed my area with ease without any fear of shock. Also, there is a light that shines while your trimming so you would know what your doing. After I was done, I got out of the shower, cleaned up the trimmer and had it dry out. The next day, I took the trimmer out and pushed the button to see if it worked. Once I press the button, the Balls Trimmer 2.o worked like a charm. I know this will last a while as I’m one hairy guy and enjoy a good shower.
  • Body Wash
    • The package came with a Cleanse and Recharge Body Wash to use after the trim. I applied some to the trimmed area and around my torso of my body. The body wash smelled very good as well as gave that my area a glistening shine. The body wash did make the trimmed are of the skin feel soft and not itchy at all.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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