Asymmetrical Horror Forest Hills: The Last Year Gets New Release on October 22nd

Asymmetrical Horror Forest Hills: The Last Year Gets New Release on October 22nd

Undaunted Games is pleased to announce that Forest Hills: The Last Year, the follow-up to the 2018 asymmetric horror title Last Year, is launching on October 22nd on PC via Steam and launching additional content throughout 2025 and beyond. The game will take players beyond the horror-filled halls of Eastside High and into the blood-soaked streets of Forest Hills. The game can be wishlisted on Steam here.

Originally scheduled to launch into Early Access for PC via Steam in June, the 5v1 asymmetrical horror game will now receive its full 1.0 launch in Fall 2024, allowing for a more content-packed launch. With the full release later this fall, the game will include even more content than originally planned.

Forest Hills will be launching with:

● Seven maps, including the maps from the original Last Year with updated lighting objects, bug-fixes, skybox & weather improvements (The Library, The Belltower, The Gym, The Sawmill, The Mine, The Forest, and The Cemetery).

●  Six Fiends with new skins, emotes, and more (The Slasher, The Strangler, The Giant, The Spider, The Warlock, and The Dryad).

●  Seven Displaced with new skins, emotes, and more (Sam, Nick, Troy, Chad, Raj, Amber, and Abigail).

●  A brand new ability system for Fiends and a revamped Arcanum system.

●  New dialogue for the Fiends & Displaced.

●  New Music and SFX from our wonderful partners at Pixel Audio.

Undaunted Games acquired the Last Year IP in 2023 and immediately began working on creating a new entry in the franchise. Recognizing the unique and gripping gameplay that made Last Year a standout in the asymmetric horror genre, Undaunted Games aims to build upon its success by introducing new elements that push the boundaries of what players can expect. Forest Hills: The Last Year will feature Enhanced Maps, Frightful Fiends, Displaced Survivors, Skilled Classes, and so much more.

In addition to expanding content, Forest Hills™: The Last Year is also expanding its creative team. Veteran comic book artist and professional wrestler Andy “Bob Anger” Belanger will work on the game’s artwork, and acclaimed writer of television and video games, and comics professional Frank Tieri will be working on the game’s narrative. Sean Schemmel, prolific voice actor and director, best known for his work on the DragonBall series, will serve as Voice-over Director.

Forest Hills: The Last Year can be wishlisted on Steam here. For more information, visit the Undaunted Games YouTubeTwitter, and Discord Server. The press kit for Undaunted Games can be found here.


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