Arcade Spirits Review


At this year’s Pax South I got the chance to meet the team behind Arcade Spirits. Right off the bat, I felt the excitement they put into this game. Had a great interview with the team it left me wanting to try the game out. Upon getting the review key I quickly set it up on steam and jumped into the game. I must say this style of game is not my usual cup of tea. Just hearing them talk of the game and what you can do I really wanted to try it out. The first thing it hits the retro gamer in me with the story based at an arcade. The soundtrack right off the start is great and so far has not let me down. The romantic visual novel describes the game spot on and your choices and personality make this game so involving. Every interaction you make in the game has its risks and rewards just like in life. Only we don’t have Iris in-game digital assistant to helps us and track our interactions. Let’s not forget to order us pizza bagels and conveniently get out of some big jams. The game takes on a journey of self-discovery and trying to break the “family bad luck curse”. Out of another job we are helped by our friend Juniper and she suggests getting the app where we get Iris. Next thing We know it set us up for our dream job interview leading us to the Arcade and the start of a very immersive tale of meeting new people and interactions. The charters we meet in this game all have there own backstory as well as personal issues and you must choose how to talk with them. I must say I truly am enjoying playing this game and really dig the year stamp on the game 20XX. Funny how this game pulled me away from a triple A title that just dropped. The team behind this game did an amazing job from the game design to the music to the voice acting all on point. One other side note the role-playing in this game can be taken in many different paths opening the game up so much. Plus the option to have a love interest adds another layer to the game. Overall I highly recommend trying out Arcade Spirits out Feb 12th, 2019. Here is my interview with the team as well there social media links.