Apogee’s Cozy Adventure “Littlelands” Showcases Big Updates in Gameplay Video

Apogee’s Cozy Adventure “Littlelands” Showcases Big Updates in Gameplay Video

DALLAS — June 9, 2024 — Littlelands, the adorable action adventure with social simulation elements developed by the team of Rafael Martin and Kyle Creamer and published by Apogee Entertainment, sprouted a feature-filled gameplay video during IGN Live.

Dive deep into the adorable world of Littlelands, a charming and colorful diorama-style wonderland brimming with secrets. Journey on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition when the simple task of repairing a computer becomes a mysterious adventure across hills, valleys, and caves filled with adventure.

Every big adventure starts with a small step! Fashion the perfect tiny protagonist with dozens of appearance options. Chat with eccentric neighbors to activate rewarding jaunts leading travelers into the uncharted wilds. Traverse an eclectic array of locations, from lush green jungles to sunset-hued red deserts. Unfold the 3D world map to get a bird’s eye view of epic escapades on the horizon.

Brave daunting dungeons overrun with unfriendly creatures like bats, goblinetes, and skeletons, in hopes of excavating long-lost treasure and relics. Break a sweat during combat, but push past the limit without rest and a fainting spell may send adventurers out of commission.

Between compelling quests, embrace the cozy life amidst Littelands’ day-to-day activities, cultivating farmland with wild seeds. Amass an envy-inspiring collection of wildlife by casting the multi-purpose catching rod into lakes and bushes, capturing rare bugs and fish. Trade exotic flora and fauna at the Flower Shop, or unearth fascinating fossils to display at the Museum.

With an exciting little announcement of his own, lead developer Rafael Martin celebrates the adventure of parenthood with the birth of his first child. As parenthood takes priority over development, Littlelands’ devs look to the future for its next content release.

“Littlelands has been a labor of love, and our vision for the game has grown well beyond what we originally thought was possible,” said Rafael Martín, founder of HyperMegaPixel. “While the birth of my first child has taken priority in my life, which postponed our demo release plans, we’re beyond grateful for our supporters who have taken notice of Littlelands during development. This is just the first step into the expansive world of Littlelands, and we hope adventurers catch the bug and follow us into the future.”

For more information on both Rafael Martin, Kyle Creamer and their home-grown adventure, follow their Twitter. For more on Apogee Entertainment, please visit the Apogee website, Discord, and follow @Apogee_Ent on Twitter.

About Rafael Martin and Kyle Creamer

Rafael Martin is a Spanish game developer. A lifelong gamer and fan of both adventure games and lifestyle games, a cozy quest game like Littlelands is a dream project. Rafael is the original creator of Littlelands and leads the programming, art, animation, visual effects, and more! When he’s not making games, you might find him drawing or hanging out with his cat. The best place to follow his work is on twitter.

Kyle Creamer is a Canadian game developer and author. He started his career as a software engineer at Microsoft, and spent his evenings and weekends making games. Kyle released his first indie game, Omnicube, in 2018, and made the switch into full-time game development and writing a few years later. Kyle joined the Littlelands team in the summer of 2022 and his focus is on level design, writing, and production. Learn more about his game development and writing work by following him on twitter or checking out his personal website.

About Apogee Entertainment

Apogee Software’s legendary journey began in 1987, when Scott Miller decided to split his new game, Kingdom of Kroz, into three episodes, with the first episode available as free shareware. The “Apogee model” of distribution would revolutionize PC gaming and catapult Apogee Software to global renown. As a publisher, Apogee (and its later incarnation, 3D Realms) would introduce the world to id Software, Remedy Entertainment, Parallax Software, and other video game superstars in the making. As a developer, Apogee would innovate and inspire in equal measure, creating treasured characters and franchises like Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and Prey en route to earning over a billion dollars in commercial revenue.

The new Apogee Entertainment, with founder Scott Miller at the helm, will empower today’s incredibly talented indie developers, paving the way for their global success with innovative ideas, cutting-edge marketing, and the same fearlessness that changed the industry.


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