Amazon Studios Truth Seekers NYCC Press Interview

Amazon Studios Truth Seekers NYCC Press Interview

This Friday, Truth Seekers featuring Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Malcolm McDowell, and Susan Wokoma will be premiering on Amazon Prime. We were able to sit down with Nick, Malcolm and Susan to ask them a question during the Truth Seekers NYCC Press interview.

Involved with Truth Seekers NYCC Press Interview are:

Series star and co-creator Nick Frost

Series Star Malcolm McDowell

Series Star Susan Wokoma

Vic from Drop The Spotlight asks:

My question is for all three of you guys, what kind of ghost-hunting training did you have to do for the show?


I feel like I’ve sort of been in ghost-training all my life. I actually used to go looking for ghosts with my brother at a place called elephant and castle, which sounds quite ghostly, but it’s not, it’s quite a tick in London. Yeah, we were big into that. So I feel like I’ve just been gearing up for the show. What about you Nick?


Like Susan, I have been really my whole life in and around the spirit world. I lost my virginity in a witch’s house and I sort of cut move on the table when I was at it and it’s never left me, you know? My mum was one of seven sisters from a place called Pembrookshire, and they would always tell me stories about the dead and ghosts, and so I’ve always kind of believed in it. I can feel it around me now if I stop and think.


Malcolm, do you have anything you wanted to add about your experience with the supernatural on the show?


No, not really. I’m okay. I’m not a great believer in ghosts, sorry. To all those sci-fi’s out there, it doesn’t really a horror fanatics. I’ve never really been into that, but I wish I could see those. I would love it. I would love to have a chat or to see something, you know, go through a wall.

NYCC Panel:


Truth Seekers will be available on Amazon Prime starting October 30, 2020!

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