AEW Fight Forever Xbox Series X/S Review

We have been HUGE wrestling fans for many years while also playing wrestling games since the NES console. We were excited to hear that AEW finally has a game for all fans to enjoy and play! The game is called Fight Forever and I’m liking the sound of that name! The game has 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Casino Battle Royal, Exploding Barb Wire Match, and much more! The roster in the game includes The Elite, Thunder Rosa, CM Punk, Best Friends, Miro, and many more!

We were able to get a media review code of the game for our Xbox Series X/S consoles to try out. I was able to play specifically on our Xbox Series S console. AEW Fight Forever downloaded pretty quick to the system and didn’t take up too much space at all! I started up the game and played for a few hours and tried nearly all the modes. The wrestler’s theme songs were pretty dope as well as low music during the matches. The Exploding Barb Wire match was EXTREME and fun! I was Bryan Danielson fighting against you know Jon Moxley! (Yes he bled first) This is one of our favorite wrestling games we have played in YEARS!  This is a must for every wrestling fan!

Our Thoughts


  • Regal Training
    • When you start a mode for the first time, you have the man himself Regal give you tips on which buttons to press for certain moves and match situations. I like this as its unique but also plays into the character Regal was for AEW and is for wrestling. He is a teacher and wants to make sure everyone succeeds.
  • Casino Battle Royal
    • I enjoyed the Casino Battle Royal! This mode was fun and included both male and female wrestlers to fight it out in the ring. I was our hero CM Punk in one of the battle royals but was tossed out by Thunder Rosa though! It was fun though and every engaging.
  • Mini Games
    • I liked the mini games as it helped you grow your account by trying to make more money to buy things such as attires, Cody Rhodes, and much more! In one of the mini games I played, I was Miro trying to get all the casino chips from 3 other wrestlers. You would have to avoid the bombs that fall to the ground instead of chips, so there was a lot of falling haha.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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