A House Divided Graphic Novel Review

A House Divided: The Accused Inheritance Of Henrietta Achilles is a story that ignites your imagination into a 4th of July firework display. You think you have an idea of what the story is, but will be is tossed aside once our star Henrietta enters that house for the first time. You will marvel on each page with the story as Henrietta live is told piece by piece. You will learn about her mysterious uncle and piece together on what he had done not as a profession but to save others in the story.

I LOVE the art in this story!!! The art catches each character through an emotional sense, you can see their reactions through each page of the story. You feel your apart of the story with their reactions and taking in how they are feeling through that scene. The art is phenomenal to catch the emotion of the characters and that is amazing.

All in all, I dig this graphic novel. A story where everyone can read and enjoy. Add this to your collection and read to others of a cool story that involves pirates, magic, and more! How cool is that!

A HOUSE DIVIDED. A HOUSE DIVIDED: THE ACCURSED INHERITANCE OF HENRIETTA ACHILLES will be available from Lerner Publishing Group where books are sold on April 7, 2020 and HERE