5th Annual Christmas in July Gift Guide 2023

5th Annual Christmas in July Gift Guide 2023

Christmas in July has become an institution not only here at Drop The Spotlight but all around our country. We have noticed many businesses are now doing their own “deal days” or “Christmas in July” type events. We are excited that many businesses are now part of the Christmas in July trend and hope this stays consistent every July here on out!

For this Christmas in July, we discovered a ton of new businesses and companies when we ventured outside of Texas. We ventured into Las Vegas early this January for CES and we were intrigued! (Vegas yay!) A lot of the products we have on our Christmas in July Gift Guide this year are from companies we met in Vegas, but of course we still have some goodies that we found along the way!

Get your shopping carts ready and primed as we are here to get you some amazing deals for amazing products!

5th Annual Christmas in July Gift Guide 2023

Kingston XS2000 External SSD Drive

Kingston Fury Renegade NVMe SSD 1 TB 

Kingston IronKey Vault External SSD 


Darkstar Wireless Mouse

2000D Airflow Case


Kizik Women’s Athens Shoe Black