3rd Annual Ricos Retro Roll brought Fun and Awareness in San Antonio

3rd Annual Ricos Retro Roll brought Fun and Awareness in San Antonio

Ricos Products held their 3rd annual Rico Retro Roll at the Rollercade in San Antonio on June 8th. Proceeds from their fundraiser benefits JDRF to help bring awareness and research to Juvenile Diabetes. My family and I attended the event on that day to learn more about Ricos Products and JDRF.

This is my first time inside the Rollercade though as my daughter already attended there for a previous birthday party. We arrived to the Rollercade quite early…ok…it was 30 minutes into the event, but hey, I thought it was still early. I didn’t expect there to be a huge crowd already there already. After we parked, we scanned our tickets and got our wrist bands to enter the Rollercade.

First things first, you know we had to try the Nacho Bar! The nacho bar was packed with  Ricos Products that would make any party alive. We got our nachos with cheese and added some additional condiments such as meat, sour cream, avocado, jalapenos, etc. while we were there. You know me, I stuffed mine real good like it was the 1999 NBA Finals all over again.

I was able to witness San Antonio’s mascots such as the Coyote, Jalapeno, Puffy Taco, UTSA Rowdy, and Rico compete in a skate off for charity. They did an amazing job as each mascot brought the stuff to win this event. Eventually, they invited the people attending to skate with them to some fantastic music. My daughter went ahead to skate with them while the rest of my family got a caricature done and my son got his face painted. Yes, I did go back for a second set of nachos as well! Who can’t resist?!

I was able to meet so many people at the fundraiser including other content creators, business leaders, and many more. Ricos Retro Roll provided a fun and exciting atmosphere for families to have fun together while also learning about JDRF. While I did get on the ring and strut my stuff, I watched as others had fun showcasing their skills. The Rollercade is a pretty cool venue for roller skating in the North Side that I know we will come back to again.

Learn more here: https://www.breakthrought1d.org/



Ricos Retro Roll 3rd Annual event by Ricos at the Rollercade #ricoscheese #charityevent #spurscoyote

♬ Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – FAN HALEN


Ricos Retro Roll had San Antonio’s mascots skating for supremacy and to help raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes. #ricos #rollercade #sanantonio #sanantoniotx #mascots #sports

♬ La Fiesta – Luis R Conriquez & José Guicho & Tito Double P


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