3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound’s Blair Breaks the Board (and Hearts) Today

3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound’s Blair Breaks the Board (and Hearts) Today

An elegant beauty and innocence matched only by her unassuming speed and technique

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – June 20, 2024 – 3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound, the online multiplayer street basketball game developed by JOYCITY with more than 18 million players, today launches its newest character, the agile K-pop queen of the paint, Blair, available today on PC via SteamPlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One!


Inspired by agile centers of the past like Hakeem Olajuwon, Blair takes the position to a whole new level. Don’t let her cute softness fool you: Blair steals your heart — and the ball. Having grown up isolated from the world as an heir to a giant conglomerate, Blair is eager to prove herself on the court. Her innocent naivete informs her gameplay style, leading to unpredictable tactics that throw off opponents with her unorthodox style.

Utilize her keen instincts and background as a French college student to swap between a dubious offense and tricky defense. Adapt to each game with self-buffs that demand the opponent’s attention, and steal the game out from under their noses. She might be small, but her odd personality is mighty on any team. Don’t be surprised when she lords over the court.

Blair joins an ever-expanding roster of hoopers in 3on3 FreeStyle, with more characters planned this year for the more than 500,000 monthly active users to ball with. Newcomers can compete in the Rookie League, open only for upstart players to feel the competitive fire and earn rewards while learning the ropes.

“Blair’s unlike any other character we’ve brought into 3on3 FreeStyle,” said Danny Noss, Senior Director of JOYCITY Annex. “Our past additions to the roster expanded gameplay and team compositions, but Blair shares so little in common with any of them. Making her feel like a natural fit was a new challenge for us, and we’re so excited to show you all what we came up with and how she changes the game for everyone.”

3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound is currently available on PC via SteamPlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. For more information on 3on3 FreeStyle, check out the game’s official website, subscribe to 3on3 FreeStyle on YouTube, follow the game on Twitter and Facebook, and join the Discord.

About JOYCITY Annex

JOYCITY Annex is a game development studio based out of Korea with locations in the US and China. They are dedicated to bringing joy to the world via video games and aim to capture the essence of competitive entertainment. Constantly expanding their definition of “fun,” JOYCITY utilizes data-driven decision making and standardized development practices to ensure game production follows in-line with their community’s growth.


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