2021 Toyota Camry Review

2021 Toyota Camry Review

With the year nearly done, next year’s vehicles models are coming out for people looking into getting a new vehicle. Many people are scoping through reviews to find a vehicle that will best fit with them, their persona and of course their lifestyle. What many people don’t realize is that need for taking trips? You will need to find a vehicle that will take you to places that you haven’t dreamed of before. I was able to stop at my local Enterprise in San Antonio to find a vehicle that fit those needs. This vehicle I was able to rent is the 2021 Toyota Camry. My family and I took a trip to the Rio Grande Valley to visit family and friends.

Here is our review of the vehicle: 


  • Gas Saver
    •  On my trip, I must have used a little over 30$ of gas for the whole trip. This vehicle didn’t waste much gas at all while traveling to the Rio Grande Valley and back to San Antonio. I’m used to wasting 60$ to 80$ on gas but this vehicle slashed it by nearly 2x the amount I used to pay for traveling.
  • Accurate Speed Signs Display
    •  A feature I enjoyed while driving the vehicle was a display of the road’s speed limit. I was able to drive my vehicle at the speed limit that is set for that road while seeing it on the dashboard. This feature is very cool as it helps make sure on my trip that I’m considerate and adhering to the state’s speed laws.
  • Smooth Ride
    • The car was very smooth on the road even when the road wasn’t smooth. The balance from the tires able to handle my weight on the trip and those very inconvenient pot holes. The vehicle withstand my weight and was able to glide through those pot holes that wouldn’t make me flinch at all.


  • No Cup Holder in Back
    • On this trip, I had my family in the car for the trip. We are used to taking snacks and drinks on the road to help with any hunger or fatigue. This was the first vehicle I have encountered that didn’t have a cup holder for the backseat. I tried to find it but at no avail! I didn’t like that as my children in the back seat  would like to put their drinks or snacks in a cup holder.
  • No USB Charging Backseat
    • My children are on their tablets and they do require charging after use. In this vehicle, we didn’t find any USB connections in the back seat so they could plug in to charge their tablets. With vehicles these days being more technology mindful, this reminded me of being back in the dark ages for the children without a USB cable to charge their tablets.
  • App Trouble
    • I wanted to connect my phone to the car to use either for music, phone calls, or etc. When I connected my phone using USB in the front, my Iphone said it needed a Toyota app to access car. I thought that was very weird to have an app for the vehicle. I tried downloading the app but had trouble trying to use it which I gave up and used Bluetooth from my phone. The Bluetooth just gave me access to my phone’s music but no access for phone calls or reading text messages. I got frustrated with that feature but oh well.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


The 2021 Toyota Camry is a very special car for anyone! The look and feel of the vehicle design looks very professional that you feel like your finally in the 21st Century. The trip went well in this vehicle as it helped save gas, delivered a smooth ride and of course an accurate speed limit feature. I know I had trouble with the Toyota app on my Iphone, no cup holders in the back and of course no backseat USB charging. This vehicle either way is a phenomenal vehicle to take with you to travel. My family and I were able to get to our destination and home safely. When considering on which vehicle to rent, look into this Toyota Camry.

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